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The most important ability of a real estate agent, in my opinion, is the ability to accurately estimate how much you should pay or get for/from a target house. That’s where Aimee really excels. With her help we got our condo in a really heated market under a strict budget. Furthermore, she’s very responsive for our questions and acted promptly to get all the documents done in time for the bid. I would definitely recommend her to all my friends and families.


She is very active in helping us finding our target home. She notified us right away when there’s a new home on the market and she let us know which ones would sell really fast and ones would not, so we could accordingly spend our time and energy on those targets. In the end she gave us crucial guidance on our bidding price and contingencies so we would eventually won the bid. We are very grateful.


We met Aimee at an open house and we were immediately impressed with her knowledge of local real estate market. We enlisted her help in finding an investment property. Aimee, along with her partner Bob Lewis, was very friendly and helpful. She is extremely committed to her job and clients and provided us with much of her professional insight. Within few weeks, we found the house we were looking for and successfully closed within a month.


She helped us selling our house. Everything is planned and efficient. She has pretty brown eyes, beautiful hair, attractive dressing. And, low commission, too.

5John S N

We bought a home”! – And this happened solely because of Aimee Song. Our Home buying experience with Aimee Song and her team was truly immeasurable. From day 1, since the initial meeting the service provided was exceptional. We were looking for homes in a very competitive mission area. She helped us close the deal among many potential interests with right strategy. Being first time home buyers, we had lots of questions and she was patient and explained everything in detail. This was definitely the best deal negotiation by all means. She was personally involved throughout the entire process. She was on top of every activity to make sure that our home buying experience was very smooth. It was overall an amazing experience to have worked with Aimee Song who provided guidance throughout the entire process. I would highly recommend Aimee to my friends and anyone looking to buy a Home. She had been more than just a Realtor to us. We found a great mentor, advisor and friend always vouching for our best .We are ever grateful to her and cannot thank you enough for helping us achieve a big milestone in our life! YOU ARE THE BEST.


Aimee is very friendly and helpful throughout the whole process of home buying. I am very impressed of her local knowledge on the real estate in Fremont area. She is extremely responsible for answering client’s phone calls, emails and questions. She also cordially advised on the furniture arrangement, home decoration etc. I would recommend her to anyone.


I really appreciated Aimee’s help to get my first house. I have no hope to get this because the budget but she help really hard to push the seller agent and seller to let me get the house. After closing, she also did good job on follow up. I 100% recommend her to be your real estate agent.


Aimee works as our buyer agent, and helped us purchased our first home at Bay area. She is very knowledgable, responsive and patient, we felt very lucky to have her as our agent during the process. Aimee works very hard to get our offer accepted. As competitive as bay area housing market, we’re facing an uphill battle during the bidding process. Aimee would constantly keeps us updated, is very candidate in our communication, and would try her best to get as much information as possible for us. There’s no way we would have got the house without her. Aimee is very persistent when working on the case. She tried every means possible to persuade the buyer when he wants to back out, and keep the buyer on schedule to close. She also work closely with the loan agent to make sure everything works fine. Aimee is very thoughtful for new home buyers. She walked us through the process in detail, showed us how all stuff works around the house, give us good recommendations on local contractors, and make sure we set up all utilities correctly. She even helped us deep clean the house and fix some issues for free.

5Steve Du

As a home mortgage consultant at Wells Fargo in Fremont, I have been dealing with many realtors and buyers. Aimee is one of the only few agents who stand out in terms of Honesty, knowledge, enthusiasm. Buyers told me that they are very happy with the services received from Aimee, because Aimee works very hard for and care about her buyers all the time.


Aimee helped us to buy a house in San Jose. We enjoyed working with her. She was very quick in following up throughout the entire process and kept us moving. The most important qualities about Aimee that I appreciate is her responsiveness, availability & patience. She has always responded to my calls whenever I reached out to her, on occasions when she couldn’t; she returned my calls the very same day. She is an expert on the Fremont & East Bay areas and knows about all the listed properties. Overall a pleasant experience and I have recommended Aimee to my friends. Highly recommended!!

5winder lk

With Aimee’s help, we bought our first house in Bay Area. Aimee’s always trying to help. Did a great job on providing information and advice, especially for noobs like us. We really appreciate the candid and professional suggestion from her. We cannot forget all the exceptional consultation and education, tons of resources and time, positive attitude… Even our case has been closed for a while, Aimee keeps helping us with remodeling advice. It’s really a pleasant experience to have her as our agent. All these factors drive us to recommend Aimee as your agent, without reserve.


I met Aimee at neighbor’s open house last year. Although I was not a potential buyer, she still gave me very useful remodeling advices. So, when we decided to sell our 2bd condo, I picked up my phone and called Aimee. She basically took care of every thing, from HOA to escrow, from remodeling to staging. I was very impressed by her network connections. Our property was sold 40K above asking price and before it even hit the market. I will definitely recommend Aimee to my friends.


Aimee has comprehensive domain knowledge and always make good suggestions based on client’s needs and actual conditions. You can tell she is very passionate about her work. She works for the clients to their total satisfaction with great dedication, focus and high spirit. Unlike some other real estate agents I contacted before, Aimee works far more proactively, pays a lot of attentions to details, and is even hands-on in some home improvement tasks for the clients. She is good at both buying homes and sellng homes, which I witnessed in my case. I highly recommend Aimee to everyone.


We were so lucky we found Aimee as our buying and selling agent! We have been looking for a house in Mission San Jose for a year and used some other agents before. We didn’t get any progress until we met Aimee in one of the open house. Her knowledge of the local market is great and she gave us a lot of insights of each Mission San Jose communities. She is very proactive and helped up with all the houses on the market which fits our needs and budget. She toured many open houses with us and gave us very valuable suggestions, including the community insights and remodeling potential/budget. When we started to bid for a house we love, she helped us with the strategy without asking us to over-price it. After working with Aimee for a couple of months, we became more and more trust her from all the aspects. One day In about the 4th months working with Aimee, she called me about a house that is not on the market yet. We rushed there and suddenly fell in love with the house. Again, Aimee helped us to set the offer and we got it lower than our budget! It is not the end though. Aimee also helped us to find the contractor to repaint the interior and did some cost effective remodeling work. She even went there to watch the progress everyday! it was absolutely great help and hassle-free for us bush working professionals with two young kids. Aimee understands our expectation, works with our budget, finds ways to save us money, lands us with a great home! We are very happy with our new home and Aimee’s great help! We really trust Aimee and we then let her be our selling agent to list our previous north-Fremont house. She helped with all the remodeling work to make our previous house beautiful without blow our budget! Again, she was watching the workers to do the work for us, so we can have a peace of mind without any worry! The house got on the market only for one weekend and it is sold with very good price! We really appreciate Aimee as a knowledgeable professional, a nice warmhearted person, and a considerable easy to approach partner during the process for buying and selling homes. We highly recommend Aimee as your next agent!

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